Timo Granzotti is a multifaceted specialist who bridges art, craft, and ecology. He is an artist, sculptor and craftsman with a focus in wood and natural materials, a wilderness skills expert with an emphasis on techniques, technologies and crafts, and a certified ecological designer with over a decade of experience in California and Mediterranean native ecology and botany. He collaborates with many groups, organizations and events annually, working as a teacher, speaker, organizer, and consultant. 

Of mixed Italian-Ethiopian ethnicity, his foundations began with diverse experiences early in his life: his youth in the vast wilds of Alaska, where he was born, his formative years living in Sicily, and travels throughout Italy, Europe, and North Africa. It was from those early years that his varied interests in anthropology, history, archaeology, literature, art, and culture began to take form.

His interest lies in the creative use of his hands, the human relationship with nature, and the preservation of lost knowledge, art, and cultural history. Throughout his work, he strives to merge the present with the past, in a unique and contemporary form.