Timo Granzotti

Timeless Modern

A blend of technique, story and design, with an emphasis on lasting simplicity.



Latin: Ars - art, skill/ craft, science.

Seeking to express symbol and beauty, the representation of culture, society, and the world. From the integration of various interests, experiences, studies, and dedication, much of the work expressed is both a reminder, and a reimagining. 


Latin: habilitas - ability, skill, aptitude.

Developing earth-based skills and creating handmade items from our collective past, from the creation of fire to the making of objects, it can be seen how many artistic expressions emerge from designs, shapes, and technologies pioneered by indigenous ancestors. It is in the learning that inspiration and insight as to who we are today is understood.


Latin: Natura - nature, natural world/ inclination, birth, character, quality.

The source of much innovation and representation, from patterns and forms found in the natural world, to the elements and forms of life. Many understandings, both actual and abstract, have guided developments and discoveries from the very beginning. Learning to work with these natural systems serves as both foundation and destination.